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Trinity Academy

The story of Trinity’s beginnings and growth is a story of God’s faithfulness. God did more than just provide the vision for the school – he provided the location, the staff, the funding, the building, and yes, even the students. Founding board members Bob Smith, Bill Nath, and Pete Ochs at the Central Community Church location, 1994. In 1992, God impressed the need for a Christian high school upon three businessmen: Bill Nath, Pete Ochs, and Bob Smith. They soon arranged meetings with the staffs of several churches and Christian elementary schools across Wichita. Though most agreed that a Christian high school was needed, no one felt called to donate assistance. Disappointed, these three founders prayed for a sign that would assure them that they were to continue. God answered their prayer. Within a month, 20 acres of land was donated for the school.


K-8 High School


Enrollment Size: 266

Phone: 3199321200

Website: http://www.trinityacademy.org/