House for sale: Derby School District (USD 260) Map

Derby School District (USD 260)

Derby Public Schools has a long-standing reputation for providing an excellent education, along with opportunities seen in few districts. Derby, Kansas is a supportive community for students and with a population approaching 24,000 it provides access to many activities for children and people of all ages. Derby Public Schools has nine elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. Award-winning schools in this community are made possible by the incredible educators and administrators, parents, support staff and the entire community who truly come together to meet the needs of students in this district.


Cooper Elementary Derby Hills Elementary El Paso Elementary Oaklawn Elementary Park Hill Elementary Pleasantview Elementary Swaney Elementary Tanglewood Elementary Wineterr Elementary Derby Middle School Derby North Middle School Derby High School


Enrollment Size: 6,819

Phone: 316-788-8400

Website: https://www.derbyschools.com/

District Boundries: https://www.derbyschools.com/district/departments/transportation