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All Saints Catholic School

In the Beginning: In August 1946, Father Fischer purchased 18 acres of land at Hillside and Harry. The people and pastor celebrated their first Mass on September 16, 1946 in the auditorium of the nursing school at St. Joseph's Hospital. The new All Saints parish was comprised of more than 1,000 families making it the largest in the Diocese. The Growing Years: When Father Hertel became pastor in 1964, he was instructed by Bishop Carroll to begin plans for a permanent structure for a church. On August 16, 1965, the church was dedicated. The new church contained 15,000 square feet with a seating capacity for 800 people. During the next 30 years many additions and improvements to the church and school were made. On November 3, 1996, the church was rededicated as the building that stands now. Where We're Going: For the last sixty plus years, All Saints has been an active and vibrant parish community with a multitude of ministries and organizations to be a part of. The work and mission of the parish is extensive and far reaching beyond the walls of our church and school into the greater community and beyond. You are invited to join All Saints in celebrating the joy and excitement of the parish by your active participation and support as we move forward with the promising endeavor of building up the Body of Christ


K-8 High School


Phone: 3166826021

Website: https://www.allsaintswichita.com/school.html