Reasons to Buy a New Home vs. Resale

Buy New vs. Resale

Avoid the Resale Home Buying Experience

Searching for the home that is just right for you and your family should be an exciting and rewarding experience. The visions and mental “videos” you run inside your head of what “Home” means to you can get your heart beating with anticipation. Just imagine….What does the lush colorful landscaping look like around the pool deck or how great it will be to have the perfectly designed layout for the kitchen and dining room? How are the rich, dynamic tones of a high tech surround system going to sound in the family room? What about the interior colors that will come alive when the morning sunshine beams through the windows; filling a room with warmth and brilliance? Yes, searching for that perfect home certainly can be stimulating. However, more times than not, it ends up being an all-consuming, frustrating and often disheartening exploit. It goes something like this:

Where do you start?

Most home shoppers start by doing the same thing. They search online or engage with a real estate agent to find a list of existing homes that fit their requirements. “We need a 3 bedroom, two bath, two car garage with 2400 square feet. A pool would be nice with a back yard for the kids to play in. We want it just outside the city but within 20 minutes of downtown”.

Let the search begin!

147271196-Couple-on-laptopYou get a list of resales and start on your journey to visit each house. Armed with your clipboard full of home buying checklists you drive from home to home inspecting, checking and evaluating your options. The homes that have been on the market for a while quickly become obvious as to exactly why they are still on the market. You go from house to house to house and find nothing that fits the picture you imagined of what “home” looks like to you.

You started the home search process by looking for exactly what you wanted but in the end you find yourself doing nothing but compromising and settling. Then it happens, after weeks of searching you drive up to a house and the place is crazy with commotion. Prospective buyers and their agents are everywhere. There is not even space in the driveway to park. After wedging your auto between cars parked on the street you walk into the house and it’s perfect. (Well, perfect compared to the previous houses you looked at.) The property just came on the market. It’s been recently remodeled, has a spacious floor plan, sizable yard and meets all your needs. You get all excited and tell your agent, “This is the one!” You strategize about your offering price and submit your offer. The listing agent boastfully informs you that there are already three other offers submitted and today is only Saturday. “The seller will be reviewing all offers on Monday at which time they will make their final decision. Thank you for your offer.”

How is your patience?

Let’s see if one of these words describe how you feel over the next two days of waiting: anxious, jittery, nervous, uneasy, uptight, distressed, butterflies, fidgety or how about all of the above? You start 2nd guessing and asking yourself if your offer was too low. You try to keep your mind occupied on other things but you can’t help but think about how perfect this house would be and how much you REALLY want it.iStock_000013298030XSmall

Monday finally arrives and the moment of truth comes by your cell phone ringing with your agents name scrolling across the caller ID. You answer before the 1st ring is completed. Your heart is pounding, your breathing is shallow yet you try to come across calm and relaxed. You slowly ask, “Did we get the house?” The next two minutes of conversation become a blur but the end result is your offer was not accepted. It’s back to the drawing board. The cycle starts all over again.

Couple Paying Bills - IsolatedAll this for what?

Even if your resale home buying experience is not as dramatic as above the outcome is the same. You’re investing in a used home:

  • Less energy-efficiency: You spend more money monthly just to operate your household. Even if a used home is updated with more energy efficient appliances; the age of the insulation, windows and structure itself tend to result in more energy consumption.
  • More maintenance & repairs: Again, more money out of your pocket. Roofs, HVAC systems, flooring, painting, plumbing and the list can go on. Over time items just wear out, break or stop working.
  • Designed in a different era: A family’s needs today tend to be different from those back in the 70’s, 80’s and even earlier. Homes in that era averaged 1100-1400 sq. ft., no split plans, small bedroom sizes and very limited storage space. Today, homes average 2,600 – 2,800 sq. ft. with storage options throughout the home and have much larger bedrooms. Our electronic devices alone today require more advanced wiring and technology.
  • Did I mention…It’s Used: You truly don’t know what you’re getting until the sale is final. Home inspections do not catch everything. You can remodel, repaint, repair and renovate but a home is only new one time in its existence.

Why Buy New?

framing-new-home-constructionThe new home buying experience is more like the way you imagine the process should be. All those visions and mental “videos” you run through your mind can become a reality. With quality builders at easy access you can review floor plans and designs online or visit model centers until you find the new home that fulfills your needs and desires while staying within your individual budget.

In addition to being a far more pleasant and rewarding buying experience let’s review the advantages to buying a new home:

  • Energy Efficiency & Building Green: New construction homes today offer high efficiency appliances and green systems that can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30-40% while providing advanced ventilation and filtration capabilities resulting in higher indoor air quality and comfort. From panelized construction for tighter fitting building components too thicker wall panels, raised heel trusses and triple pane
    windows you will have options today that were not even available a few years ago much less 10 or 20 years ago.
  • Low Maintenance: The products and components being used in new homes are engineered and designed to provide more benefits, require less upkeep and last longer than their predecessors. Home builders are starting to use composite products vs wood to eliminate rot and repair. The #1 benefit in regards to maintenance in a new home is the fact that all materials are NEW.
  • Home & Appliance Warranties: The majority of builders today provide a home warranty ranging from 1 year to 10 years which will cover the replacement or repair of a multitude of items within the home as well as provide protection against structural distress. These warranties often extend the manufacture’s warranties for the majority of the appliances within the home as well. From electrical system malfunctions to a leaky roof, you know you are protected.
  • Higher Quality, Advanced Technology & Safety Features: By using modern day materials that have been designed using advanced technology, today’s new homes offer the highest quality construction options and safety features ever available. Because you can be directly involved in many of the product & material selections for your new home you will have a level of comfort, security and peace of mind very rarely available when buying a resale home.
  • Modern Design Features: Home builders keep a strong pulse on industry trends and which features consumers are looking for most. As our family’s needs have evolved so has the features of new homes such as high ceilings, open floor plans, more storage and closet space, larger and more functional bedroom and bathrooms. New homes come standard with features that would require expensive and extensive upgrades in an older resale home.
  • Lifestyle Choice: In addition to choosing your style of home you can choose your style of communities which offer the amenities you’re looking for. Pools, spas, clubhouses, community centers, schools, shopping, outdoor activities, lakes, preserves or maybe nothing at all but peace and quiet.
  • Mortgage & Financing Options: Most home shoppers do not know that you can finance the building of your new home with as little of a down payment as it takes to finance a resale home. Buyers of a new home can often get more closing costs paid and other concessions from a home builder than an individual seller.
  • Resale Value: Life is a moving target and the day may come that you will need to up-size, downsize or relocate. Yes, you’re once new home is now a used home however the age, construction quality and features will often be far more desirable than a home that is 15 -25 years old or older. Buying a new home today just may pay you dividends down the road if you decide to sell the home in the future.

What is “Home”?

For me, “home” isn’t just a place I go to, it is the feeling I have when I’m there. It’s a reflection of who I am and what I like. Most importantly, it’s my family’s own sanctuary where we can be ourselves, share our life’s journey and create lasting memories. Each and every one of us may have a different definition of what “Home” means or what “Home” looks like but I think we will all agree…There is no place like home.

– Build new and discover what HOME means to you.


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